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Cogir and Cadence Join Forces

Cogir Senior Living and Cadence Senior Living are excited to announce a business combination whereby the two operating companies have merged their operating teams bringing the two best-in-class operators together. The transaction involves Cogir buying out the shareholders of Cadence, with the combination resulting in nearly 8,000 units in 9 states.  Cogir Management USA is the US-based subsidiary of…

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Stay Sharp, Healthy, and Connected in Your Senior Years With Digital Technology

There’s a persistent stereotype that older adults are resistant to using or learning new technology. Well, if it were true at one time, it’s certainly not true anymore. A recent survey of older adults concluded that today’s seniors are able to navigate smart devices, streaming apps and gaming systems just as well as younger generations.…

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Tips for Downsizing Your Belongings Before Moving to a Senior Living Community

If you are making a move that requires some downsizing of your belongings — like transitioning into a beautiful and fun senior living community, for example — you may wonder where to begin. The prospect of downsizing may initially feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to stay that way for long. Here are some tips…

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The Big Impact of Little Sips: The Importance of Hydration for Older Adults

The importance of staying hydrated isn’t breaking news, but there are factors that make it especially necessary for older adults to stay vigilant about their water intake. For example, older adults are more prone to becoming dehydrated because the sense of thirst can diminish over time. Additionally dehydration can lead to changes in mood, a…

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What to Understand About Elder Fraud

The FBI recently released a special and very personal warning regarding elder fraud, or as they define it, a financial fraud scheme which targets or disproportionately affects seniors. This special announcement was given by former director of the FBI and the CIA, William Webster. In addition to his distinguished career in special intelligence, Mr. Webster…

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Congratulations to Executive Chef Maria Dumpit, Winner of the CALA Department Head of the Year Award

Our Warmest Congratulations! We recently had the pleasure of watching one of our own, Executive Chef Maria Dumpit at Cogir on Napa Road, win The California Association of Assisted Living (CALA) Award for Department Head of the Year! Maria began her Cogir Senior Living journey in 2008 as a housekeeping supervisor, and within two years…

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Cogir Senior Living announces partnership with Eldergrow

Cogir Senior Living is excited to announce a partnership with Eldergrow, a Seattle-based company that brings nature indoors to elders through therapeutic gardening programs. The partnership launched this month where residents designed and planted their new indoor sensory garden. Eldergrow describes their original Therapeutic Horticulture Program as a full-service initiative with a host of beneficial…

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