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Making Memories: Easy, Fun Ideas for a Summer Afternoon With the Grandkids

Making Memories: Easy, Fun Ideas for a Summer Afternoon With the Grandkids

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Summer is here and the grandkids are out of school. It’s the perfect time to spend a few hours with some of your favorite people!

If you need some activity ideas to help you cross the generational bridge with ease, allow us to give you a few places to start:

For the littles:

● “I Spy” an Afternoon Stroll: Compile a list of simple sights, sounds, and objects that can be found in your neighborhood. Think pink rose, red car, fallen leaf. Take a leisurely stroll and check off your list as you go!

For the tweens:

● Stargazing: On a clear night, head outside with a blanket and look up at the stars. Ukulele or other gentle instrument for an intergenerational sing-a-long not required but highly encouraged.

For the teens:

● Superheroes at the Cinema: Catch up on the latest adventures on the big screen. Don’t worry if you’re entering the series late. Letting your favorite teen catch you up on the plot is a great bonding moment. Share a large popcorn and you may find you have a movie partner for life.

For the whole family:

●  Pack a Picnic: Pack a basket and a blanket and head to your favorite park. A simple supper on a favorite quilt is the perfect time to revisit fond memories from the past and make new ones to be retold in the future.

●  Volunteer For Your Favorite Cause: Whether it’s a charity walk for a local organization or an afternoon working at the food bank, spending time serving others is a memory that embeds on your collective hearts.

Why It Matters

Intergenerational relationships are beneficial for both grandchildren and grandparents. Grandchildren benefit from learning about their heritage—plus they gain wisdom and insight from the stories you glean and share from your own life experiences. On the flipside, grandparents can experience the health benefits that come from maintaining loving social connections. Additionally, spending time with the kids helps to keep aging brains sharp and older bodies active and flexible.

Summer days are long, but time flies when you’re having fun… Enjoy a sunny afternoon that will stay in your memory for seasons to come.

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