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The Big Impact of Little Sips: The Importance of Hydration for Older Adults

The Big Impact of Little Sips: The Importance of Hydration for Older Adults

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Water bottle with lemonThe importance of staying hydrated isn’t breaking news, but there are factors that make it especially necessary for older adults to stay vigilant about their water intake.

For example, older adults are more prone to becoming dehydrated because the sense of thirst can diminish over time. Additionally dehydration can lead to changes in mood, a drop in blood pressure, and a decreased energy level among other outcomes.

Here are some strategies to use whether you’re looking out for yourself or for your loved one.

  • Clean water is the best option, but that can feel a little boring sometimes. Other liquids that aid hydration include low-sugar sports drinks or protein/nutritional shakes designed specifically for seniors.
  • Eat your water! Try including water-rich foods in your daily diet. Lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers… and who could forget good old watermelon?
  • Soups, broths, and stews are all good options for improving your fluid intake.
  • Invest in a dedicated, high-quality but lightweight water thermos that can be taken on outings and walks. Leave it by your keys as a reminder to take it with you when you go.

Build hydration into your routine by keeping a lightweight pitcher of water and a glass in different places around your home: next to your favorite spot on the couch, on your nightstand.

And, lastly, focus on taking in small amounts of water consistently throughout the day instead of consuming large amounts all at once. Those little sips help keep your energy up and your body running smoothly. Little sips, big impact!



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