Meet our Team: Senior Regional Director Benoit Levesque

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Ben LevesqueBenoit Levesque is always ready to run, especially after what can best make a difference in the lives of others.

Ben serves as Senior Regional Director for COGIR Management USA. He joined the COGIR family in 2016, eventually relocating from Canada to California in 2019. When asked what drew him to the company Ben cites COGIR’s commitment to and passion for serving others.

Likewise, in Ben you will find a leader who earnestly wants the best for every person in and around his COGIR communities. As you might expect that means the residents, but his desire to benefit others extends to their families, his on-site staff in all their capacities, and even to the local vendors and key partners who provide essential goods and services to each site under his care. Every person in COGIR’s sphere matters.

If you think that level of commitment requires stamina, you’re correct. A self-described go-getter, Ben has built professional endurance through a desire to be a leader in service to others. His personal endurance has been built through his love for the outdoors and for running “anywhere there is asphalt or a trail.” His favorite running distance is a full marathon, so if you do see him heading out with his sneakers laced up it could be awhile.

But that’s ok, because it’s Ben’s aim to build teams that are trained, equipped with the right tools, and empowered to act effectively toward all the various challenges. Knowing that he has given his team everything they need to perform their best with or without him directly involved speaks to his ability to create the strongest possible team. Ben’s vision of success starts with the genuine investment into individuals who will ultimately bring success to the team as a whole.

That level of achievement is possible with building a team that is unified in vision and purpose. Ben says listening to his staff is key. Genuinely understanding their needs and helping to meet them builds COGIR communities that best serve each other and the residents.

Ben is widely known to be tirelessly dedicated to his work and to the COGIR community. Whether or not it’s a matter of running endorphins may be up for debate, but those who know Ben know that his fuel is his natural passion to make  the lives of everyone in COGIR’s orbit better.

In the business world, Ben will tell you that chasing “results” tends to chase them right off. Chasing passion and achieving our goals for our residents and our people has proven to yield sustainable results.

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