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Cogir Senior Living Grows by Four New Retirement Homes

Cogir Senior Living Grows by Four New Retirement Homes

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Cogir is delighted to announce the addition of four new retirement homes on the U.S. West Coast to the 12 already being managed by Cogir Management USA.


That is right! Cogir of San Rafael, a 59-door memory care community is fully dedicated to helping cognitively challenged seniors, joined the group on July 15. Five days later, on July 20, the addition of Cogir of Bothell, Cogir of Edmonds and Cogir of Northgate Memory Care, all located in Washington State, brought the total of new doors to 237.


“Every single member of our American management team excelled to make this transition a success. Many months of negotiation and preparation were needed to professionally carry out this operation. We are extremely proud and grateful for the dedication and cooperation displayed by every member of the team,” declared David Eskenazy, and Walter Jossart, respectively Cogir Management USA’s chairman of the Board and president.


Not only will the addition of these four new retirement homes allow the U.S. division to grow, but it will also help to diversify the range of services offered. These properties provide memory care environments to seniors experiencing a loss of independence or cognitive impairment whereas the existing 12 properties are largely dedicated to independent and assisted living residents.


“I am quite proud of the work done by the entire U.S. team. Having experienced an unprecedented global crisis, they have worked hard not only to maintain safe and pleasant living environments for our residents, but also to ensure that this transition was carried out in a highly professional manner with little impact on our seniors, their relatives and our new colleagues,” stated Mathieu Duguay, Cogir Real Estate’s president and chief executive officer.


Cogir Management USA’s efforts to acquire new properties over the coming months are ongoing.

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