Cogir Senior Living Works Toward 100% COVID-19 Vaccination Rate

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As of April 5, 2021, Cogir Senior Living as a portfolio is up to a 93% resident vaccination rate. See the percentage of vaccinated residents in each community below. Nine of our twelve communities currently have over 90% of their residents vaccinated. 

  • Cogir of Rohnert Park: 96%
  • Cogir of Sonoma: 96%
  • Cogir of Vallejo: 95%
  • Cogir of Fremont: 95% 
  • Cogir of Mill Creek: 95%
  • Cogir of Northgate: 93%
  • Cogir of Queen Anne: 92% 
  • Cogir of Stock Ranch: 90%
  • Cogir of Vacaville: 90%
  • Cogir of Vancouver: 89%
  • Cogir of Manteca: 89%
  • Cogir of North Bay: 85%

We currently have an 80% vaccination rate among our employees. As we continue to add more team members to each community, we continue to work towards a 100% staff vaccination rate.

For all future staff and residents, we have partnered with CVS Pharmacy to ensure that COVID-19 vaccines are accessible. 

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