Cogir of Stock Ranch Employee Retires after 23 Years of Service

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We at Cogir ensure that we hire the best staff to provide compassionate care to loved ones. Elpina Goodman of Cogir of Stock Ranch is the epitome of providing the right kind of hospitality and care. 

After working for Cogir of Stock Ranch for over two decades, Elpina finally made her way to retirement. The residents and staff of the community held back tears of joy as they exchanged goodbyes on Elpina's official last day of work. 

"Thank you Elpina Goodman for 23 years of service to our seniors with your wonderful smile, hard work and sense of humor! We have all enjoyed working with you and the residents are going to miss you so much!! As much as we will miss you, we are excited about the next chapter in your life, we hope you enjoy your retirement!"

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